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Akka Smart is a versatile mobility platform for the development of sensory stimulus. You can ride Akka Smart sitting on a pillow, wheelchair or in a standing frame wheelchair etc. For people with severe physical and neurological disabilities the Akka Smart can be the key to unlocking the world around them. The Akka Smart  helps the user to interact with their environment, progress development of spatial awareness, as well as provide an introduction to power wheelchairs at an early age.

Akka Smart can be used by children, adolescents and adults up to 130 kg with everything from mild impairment to severe disabilities with major cognitive difficulties.


Akka Smart enables the user to decide when he/she wants to move - a whole new world of possibilities opens for users who are otherwise dependent on assistance. With Akka Smart users can interact and influence their environment on their own which provides a number of advantages and opens up great possibilities in the user's quality of life.

Users will be given the opportunity to:

• experience sensory stimulation at their own pace, stimulating cognitive learning

• empower physical activity, encouraging communication and language development

• take initiative and decisions, resulting in increased self-esteem



1. Free driving without tape
2. Single track-guided driving 
3. Loop driving with routing capabilities 
4. Boundary run

Akka Smart can run freely within a specified area which is bounded 
with tape on the floor. The boundary prevents the user from operating Akka Smart  
outside the desired area.

Akka Smart is activated with an optional control switch customized for  
the user's needs. You can choose to control by: 
* 1-4 button operation 
* accompanying joystick 
* joystick that the user controls by themselves
* movement sensitive device



Joystick to control Akka Smart. The joystick is available with different switches, cable connection or wireless accompanying joystick features.




Control button
Operators are available as green, red and yellow in various sizes and designs.


Programming box
For easy programming of Akka Smart; speed and type of driving. 


Black 19 mm wide tape for setting a loop.



Follow the doll on a trip on Akka Smart and see a whole new world of possibilities. Akka Smart gives you a magical feeling of freedom. 



Instant product sheet order

Send me the product sheet for AKKA Smart


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